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Real estate photography - Twilight photographyThis is my latest installment of “Sights Of The Season” – even if it is a bit of a cheat….It was just the other day that I got a call  from a client requesting twilight photographs of a listed home.  This is the first time I’ve worked with twilight photography on a home that was decorated for the holidays.  But, I agree with the the saying  “When you’ve got it, flaunt it!”    Certainly this house has “got it”.  It was tastefully decorated in a way that appeals to almost anyone.  They didn’t go over the top, but they didn’t do too little.  The home has wonderful large windows that offer a warm glow at dusk.

Twilight photography is generally done for higher-end homes and they offer a really great “pop” that home buyers notice when they are cruising through photos on the MLS.  It makes them stop and take notice if a house presents well at dusk.  This type of photography also attracts potential sellers who see it as a sign that the listing agent is willing to go that extra step to  make a home stand out from the crowd.   I love doing twilight shoots of homes because I really enjoy  low light photography generally.  Many of my fine art shots are at, or near dusk.

Although this is counterintuitive, using flash is generally a mistake. Instead, you will need a tripod and you need to be able to set you camera on a slow shutter speed.  I generally bracket the shots and take three photos one “stop” apart. I use a bulb because pushing the shutter button can cause enough camera shake to blur the photo.

For homes, it takes some cooperation from the homeowner and the understanding that timing is pretty crucial.  There is a window during sunset/dusk where taking photos is most effective.  The sky is a deep blue at that time with just a bit of the remaining light of the day creating  that lovely deep color.  As the sky turns to black, it gets harder to create that warm impact.  All the inside lights of the home need to be on because that is what is going to light the home and create that warm inviting feeling.  At this time of year, in New York, the time frame for this is early and unforgiving.  Last night it seemed to be at its best at 4:45-5:15…a really narrow sliver of time.  The photo at the top was taken at the beginning of that time frame – around 4:45 and the final shot below was taken at about 5:15-5:20.  So you can see how fast the light changes and how fast the window opens and closes for this type of photography during the winter months.

Twilight Photography For Real Estate

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