Sights Of The Season – A cozy corner by the fire…

By the fire....I went to a wonderful party on Sunday afternoon.  The home had a large number of happy people celebrating the holiday season.  As the party wound down, I became aware of the cutest cat that I’ve seen in a long time.  Apparently, she had been keeping a low profile while so many people had invaded her home.  But as the celebrations quieted down, she came out of hiding and made a beeline  for the warmth and comfort of the fireplace.

Happily content, she wasn’t the least concerned about the crazy person snapping her picture.  She knew a good thing when she saw it and that nice warm cozy spot in front the crackling fire was exactly what she needed after the excitement of the day.  I don’t have cats, I have dogs, but it truly is amazing how relaxed a lounging cat can look.  They are a study in total relaxation.

When photographing inside homes with company around, I try to take the best photos that I can, without off-camera lighting.  There is no way you are going to get away without using flash.  I mean you could, but you’d be running around with a tripod to deal with long exposures.  You would also have to ask your “victims” to stand stock still while the shutter remained open for several seconds.  This isn’t a good way to win friends and influence people and get them to pose for you.  Bringing in off-camera flash is really not realistic.   Trust me, your host  will not be thrilled if you show up with light stands and umbrellas.  So you are going to be using on-camera flash.  I did have a speedlite in my hotshoe.  I also used a Gary Fong diffuser to diffuse the light.  This allowed me to move around without driving everyone crazy. I interrupted them only for a minute while taking the photos  and no one had their eyes snapped shut took photos of them.   So it worked out well.

More from this holiday party may be posted later in the series…but here is a link to the rest of the photos in this series…

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