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Pumpkin Arrangement - H Carlson's White Plains NYIf you need special arrangements for the holiday season – H. Carlson’s Florist’s is a great place to visit for both inspiration and to order any special arrangements for your holiday decor.  Nancy Schellhas has been creating numerous arrangements like this every year and he customers have come to rely upon imagination and impeccable taste. When you walk into the store, you feel like you are in another world.  You leave behind  the high-tech digitize iPad way of life and find yourself enjoying the holidays the way they used to be before technology and big-box stores took over in a big way.

The arrangement above is an example of one their special orders for the Thanksgiving season.  This fantastic arrangement  potted in a carved out pumpkin is but one example of what they can do.  I actually ran the photo through an artistic filter to give it a more painterly effect, but the drama of the arrangement remains with or without filters.  So if you long for a bit of yesteryear during this holiday season. Carlson’s is a place to visit this year.

Carlson’s is but one of the small businesses that I have been promoting for small business Saturday.   Small Business Saturday has been around since 2010 and is the day after Black Friday.  This year that date is Nov. 30.   Supporting local small businesses is good thing to do for the merchants, the economy and the local community.  The money spent at local merchants stays in the community and promotes healthy competition which is in danger of being removed by the “Walmartization” of America.  What isn’t understood by many consumers is that when big-box stores take your money, very little of that money  stays within the community.  So if you want local merchants, and a thriving tax  base, it is important to “think small business” this holiday season.

The short video below describes the “Small Business Saturday” movement and what it means to local communities.

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