Commercial photography can be fun…

H Carlsons - White Plains NYThe other day I was photographing some holiday decorations at H Carlson Florists.  I promised I would put nothing “Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa” until AFTER Thanksgiving.  So the early holiday deocorations for H. Carlson’s won’t be revealed until Black Friday.  However, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season,  H. Carlson’s was definitely straddling both holidays.  They thankfully have not abandoned Thanksgiving!

While I was there a customer walked in with her dog and the dog cooperated with my camera.  In fact, this cute guy seemed more than a bit pleased that I wanted to take his picture.  He was handsome and he knew it.  While he was working his pose, I was able to get a shot of him near some pumpkins.  I decided to play with the photo a bit, and found that putting the pumpkins in color and my new canine friend in black and white, they both got set off to best advantage.

This is one of things that is so much fun about taking real estate and commercial photos.  Sometimes unusual things happen and because you are working in a different environment every day, nothing is ever the same from one day to the next.

Small Business Saturday is on Nov. 30.  Please don’t ignore local businesses that are the backbone of our villages, towns and cities. Money spent there goes right back into the community whereas money at a big-box store tends not to.  If you have a minute, stop by my Facebook Page – TheWestchesterView for my Small Business Saturday pics for Westchester.  I’m adding a new business every day until Nov. 30.

If you have a small business that could use a boost from some photography, consider giving me a call.  My rates are reasonable.  (I admit that I’m not dirt cheap, but I’m not expensive either!)  The web has made visual appeal more and more essential for small and large businesses alike.  People are shopping online with their eyes and the lack of punch on a website of FB page can spell the difference between having people stop by or pass you by.

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