Neighborhood Bling – Great neighborhood or downtown photography is a “must” for real estate agents…

Downtown ChurchHome buyers want pictures, pictures, pictures.  Not just of the house they are buying but of the entire area they are thinking of moving into.  Neighborhood photos are not only informative for the buyer, they can help brand the agent.   If you want to be associated with a city or town, having general photos of the area is an important part of that association in the eyes of both home buyers and sellers.

Having great seasonal photos is also a big plus.  Most outdoor neighborhood photos tend to focus on the summer months when the trees have green leaves.  But we have four seasons in  New York.  Each season has a beauty all its own and although you may not think about it, the quality of the light changes with the season.  The fall is one of my favorite times of year to take photos because the colors are so vivid.  We are known for our fall foliage….and when you’ve got, flaunt it!   Even urban downtown areas have a different look in the fall.

This shot was taken in the “golden hour” right before sunset.  Actually, the sun was just starting to set and the vivid pink color of the sun was peeking through the blue sky and the cloud cover of the blustery day. The church itself with the golden  steeple is always a standout feature of downtown White Plains.  But with the cloud cover, the fall leaves and the coming sunset, it really stood out.

That’s what neighborhood photography is suppose to be about.  Nothing is being faked, but people  get to see a given area in a unique light.  This can be a touchstone for consumers who are looking at several different neighborhoods and even towns or counties. By putting out the best photos you can, you are drawing them towards a location.  This helps your listings shine.

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