Fall Fire on the Tarrytown Lakes – November

Tarrytown NY LakesFall color lasts for such a short time. While it lasts, its vivid and changes the entire landscape into a canopy of glorious color.   I’ve been told by friends who have  lived in the northeast that this is this season, short as it may be,  that they miss the most. Even the light in the sky is golden at this time of year.  When the sun starts to set, the glow dancing off the leaves creates the feeling of even more color.  This is a great time to take photos because the light is warm but not overpowering.  Its something of a “golden hour” for photography that holds no matter what the season is.

This fall, a foot injury has kept me away from my usual hiking trails.  So I have had to resort to the less obscure sites for my photos.   Nevertheless, the  Tarrytown Lakes are easily accessible and on the day I took this photo, the cloud cover was moving very fast and creating a very interesting sky.  So I had the benefit of a very distinctive sky along with spectacular color.  This meant that it would have been very difficult for me to go wrong!  No big photography skills required in this case.

One thing that agents and brokers should remember on their websites is that many people who come from other parts of the country don’t fully understand the spectacular fall show the northeast provides.  They should always have seasonal photos on their sites to provide local character and color.  It is definitely a plus that our location in the country offers and seeing a neighborhood or town in all its fall glory is certainly something that should attract positive attention from home buyers.

For more of my fall photography pics,  which include Tarrytown and the White Plains business district, please go to my Facebook album at this link

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