Stormy Weather…The Hudson River during a tornado watch…

Tarrytown NY - Hudson RiverA little over a week ago Westchester was having one of its “climate change moments.  I was on the road playing fast and loose with a tornado watch as a line of storms approached  from the west.   I kept an eye on the weather but thought I had a bit of time before the worst of the front moved through.  So I decided to go down to the RiverWalk in Tarrytown and see the progress on the new Tappan Zee Bridge.

That was all well and good,  but perhaps not the smartest move in the world for someone who has a healthy respect of  all things high wind such as hurricanes and tornados.  You know the reporters who stand out  in the middle of a category 3 storm reporting the weather conditions to the world?  Well, thats not me.  No death wishes here.   However the weather changed a lot faster than I had anticipated.  The wind really started kicking in and very quickly I saw what looked like a “wall” of rolling dark clouds coming in from the west.  I managed to get a few photos in before I packed my things and turned towards home, which was thankfully east of that location.   The photo above is the nicest from that small sequence and you can see in the  photo below that the geese were smart enough to be alarmed. As the front started to move in they became very active.

Geese  - Hudson River

The front “followed me” home to White Plains which is mostly east of Tarrytown.  It was an interesting trip. Sunshine in the general direction I was traveling, and almost night-like ominous clouds behind me. The last leg of my trip was southbound and the storm started to catch up to me.  I didn’t encounter any tornadoes, but once it reached me it was quite a storm.

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