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White Plains NY - Real Estate PhotographyPorches can help sell homes.  This year I had several homes with impressive porches to photograph.  I see a lot of agents attempting to photograph porches and they almost always try to capture the porch from the street level as part of the money shot of the house, with perhaps a close-up closer to the front door.  And that’s great as far as it goes.  And its very important to photograph that porch so that buyers can see the full potential of this amenity.

However, beyond the porch itself, is the view from the porch.  If the view is a good one, you need to show it in all its glory….After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!   Now, it doesn’t matter if the porch reveals cityscape suburbia or countryside.  After all, some buyers are really into the new urbanization and would be thrilled with a porch overlooking a downtown scene. People who prefer a more suburban location will be thrilled with a rolling front lawn and sparse traffic. For those who prefer the country life – a view of a babbling brook or simply a wooded area is very appealing.

The point here is to utilize the porch to inform the buyer about the immediate surroundings.  Think about it.  The porch is not just an amenity, in this case, it can provide a “frame” for a neighborhood snapshot and if carefully done, it can have dramatic impact and appeal.  One way to achieve this is to take a photo from the porch on an angle so that the view from the front is clearly displayed. This can be seen in the photo above.  You probably need a good wide-angle lens to do this effectively.  Also, the ability to use photoshop is probably needed as well.  the type of angle tends to lead to barrel distortion, so the ability to straighten walls and landscape to compensate for this is a must.

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