Building the New Tappen Zee Bridge…Heading Home after a long day…

Tappan Zee Bridge ConstrutionEvery couple of weeks, I find myself on the RiverWalk in Tarrytown or Sleepy Hollow looking towards the work being done on the new Tappan Zee Bridge.  Every morning work crews depart from Hudson Harbor and head out to work on the multi-year project that will result in a new Tappan Zee Bridge connecting Westchester and Rockland counties.   The bridge spans the three miles of the Hudson River that separates the two counties.  A large bridge by any standards.

I for one am glad to see work on the new bridge begin.  Like much of the United States infrastructure, the Old Tappan Zee Bridge was being given a very low safety rating by engineers. Personally,  its been many a year since I thought the bridge was safe enough to cross without saying a silent prayer before pointing my car towards the bridge.  Truth be told, when I cross the TZ these days I am generally clanking with good luck charms and talisman. Prayers! Rabbits Feet! Whatever works.

It is also good to see people being put to work.  I don’t care what you say about the so-called recovery. 99% of Americans have been in a never-ending recession (depression) that has been ongoing since 2007 – an agonizing 6 years.   Getting people back to work is key to ending the misery in which we are mired and with our infrastructure crumbling, we should be hiring people to fix it!  A job is a job and that’s money flowing into our local economy.  Desperately needed revenue for a project that is desperately needed.   There is no down-side.

Tonight I took this photo as I watched a boat  bringing workers to shore after a long day working on the river.  Its good to see the bridge being worked and its good to see an infrastructure project that is actually employing people.  Maybe the rest of the country will catch on and actually consider that hiring people is the single best way to stimulate the economy.


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