The Tribute In Light – Remembering the victims of 9/11/2001

Tribute in Light - 2013We all remember where we were on that fateful day when over 3000 innocent people lost their lives in the blink of an eye. Let us never forget the tragedy that was 9/11/01. But let us also LEARN from the mistakes that we have made over the past 12 years. Those mistakes have claimed the lives of over 6700 patriots in the line of duty and thousands upon thousands of innocent lives that were randomly in the way during subsequent military operations. . The Tribute in Light is for them all.

This year I decided to head for Liberty State Park in Jersey City.  I was planning to photograph the Tribute In Light on the 12th anniversary of that fateful day from the vantage point of the western side of the Hudson River.   I went with a very patient friend who was kind enough to put up with my multiple photographs over a 3 hour period as the sun went down….So thank you Nikki for all your patience!   Actually, we had a very good time and we talked about that day and where we were when we heard that a plane had hit the World Trade Center.

Personally, I was very fortunate on 9/11/2001.  No one I knew was lost, though that was sheer luck.  Two friends of mine should have been in the World Trade Center that morning, but weren’t.  I was supposed to be in NYC, not that far from the World Trade Center.  I should have  been on a train to Grand Central Station at the time of the attack.  Fate interfered because I came down with bronchitis with a high temperature the night before.  I cancelled my plans early, made an appointment with my doctor and crawled back into bed.  Cell phones weren’t working, but my land line was.  I was trying to sleep but the phone kept ringing.  I finally picked up a call and a friend of mine who was in tears  told me to turn on the TV.  I turned it on just in time to hear that the Pentagon had been hit and that the World Trade Center had collapsed. At the time it seemed like something out of a bizarre thriller.  It was actually a worse scenario than some of our best writers could have imagined. When I checked my messages, they were from concerned friends asking me to let them know when I got home safe and sound.  They all knew I was supposed to be in Manhattan that day.

My companion for the evening was living in Switzerland in 2001. Her father called her and told her to turn on CNN.  She turned it on just in time to see the second plane go into the World Trade Center.  She just sat down and cried.

Wherever we  were that day, our lives changed forever.

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