Fire in the sky – Peekskill NY

Riverfront Green Park  - Peekskill NY - deep yellow sunsetThis photo was taken at Riverfront Green Park right by the train station in Peekskill NY.  I visited the park a couple of times during the summer to and decided to try to capture the late afternoon into early evening light.  In the end, I took quite a few photos of the area, but this fire show was probably the most dramatic of the photos.  I was taking panoramas in the late, late afternoon light when the cloud cover started showing signs of  a really interesting sunset.  If the cloud cover remained, I knew we were in for a treat, so I stayed put and watched and waited as the sun slowing went down.  I was in luck, the clouds stayed put and caused the sun to filter through in this really unique way.  The sunset was bright yellow and it was like a fireball in the sky.

On an evening such as this it was not just me and my camera.  First of all, Jade (my Siberian Husky) joined me in the park and we had a really nice walk.  Many local residents were also taking advantage of the evening.  My dog is far more interesting than I am and several people approached me to say hello to Jade!   I noticed from a couple of my trips to this location that this is a well-loved park that residents take full advantage of.  There is also a spectacular 911 memorial that I photographed on a different occasion. Very impressive and moving.

The photo was taken using a tripod at three exposures 1 stop apart and blended using HDR “light”.  I wanted to get more depth without the chunkiness that HDR can create.   This is one of those photographs that took some trial and error to get the right exposure and the amount of HDR that I wanted.  I played with several f-stops and shutter speeds and I think I went through the processing about six times before I got depth without “noise” or chunkiness that tends to happen with low-light HDR.  No flash was used for this photo.

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