Making A Grand Entrance – Part 1

Some homes have amazing entry areas while others have spectacular architectural features in spite of a rather uninspiring entry. This is a case of “when you’ve got it, flaunt it!” An impressive entry should always be photographed with care. As a general rule, I take a large formal entry from several angles because sometimes I find that something I didn’t think would work so well surprises me into being a winning shot.

In the photo above, the best shot was taken from the second floor. Although the photos I took of the entry from the ground floor were fine, the photo taken from the second floor landing produced the best effect. It gave the best impression of the overall space and character of the area.  Note that in this case, I left the barrel distortion because I liked the effect in this instance.  So it is something of a cheat because the walls were straightened for the MLS.

Although the photo above is of a very impressive entry, sometimes homes with rather modest entries, “pop” more with this treatment. You do have to be careful with entries that have normal height ceilings that this perspective doesn’t make the ceilings look “low”.

Note that this is not always the case and you have to really work out what is best for each home once you are on site. Another favorite angle of mine is to place the camera outside the front door and shoot portrait-style directly into the house. This works beautifully for many configurations, but obviously not for all.

The point is that there is no set formula for getting the perfect shot of a spectacular (or not so spectacular ) entry. But the transitional and often open nature of this type of space adds a level of complexity and deserves special attention.

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