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In real estate photography, the classic shot of the front of a home is traditionally referred to as the “money shot”.  When it comes to condos and cooperatives, many agents underestimate the importance of exteriors and common areas.   For this type of housing, common spaces and exteriors can be easy to overlook particularly if the building is somewhat generic.  In other cases, such as with pre-war buildings as well as modern luxury buildings, these common area photographs can really make a positive impact.  Sometimes you have to think a bit outside the box.  A simple straight-on photo of the front of a building is, in most cases, a giant yawn.  Try to find something unique that adds punch to the listing when doing exterior photos of this nature.

The photographs in this blog were done for a photo shoot of a cooperative listing in downtown White Plains NY. On the plus side, it was spring and the landscaping was in full bloom.  On the negative side, it was a gray and rainy day.   What I did in this case was emphasize the positive without dwelling on the negative aspects of the weather.  The rain made taking a large wide-angle shot of the exterior impractical.  No matter what I would do to the sky, the wet ground would give away the nature of the day.  So I decided to emphasize the plantings instead while focussing on the entry.

This actually worked out quite well for this particular building.  It is a very elegant pre-war complex, however, apart from the wonderful entry, the exterior architecture was far from memorable and its juxtaposition next to neighboring buildings made a such a shot not the most practical even with perfect weather.

When photographing condos and coops, it is important to remember that buyers are purchasing the lifestyle that goes with the complex and the neighborhood as much as the unit itself.  Giving them a positive take on what the complex itself has to offer is always a plus.  That includes exterior shots, photos of common space and the immediate neighborhood if possible.

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