Lighthouse Landing – Some things just look better in black and white

Lighthouse Landing - Sleepy Hollow NYAlmost every shutterbug in Westchester NY takes photos of Lighthouse Landing in Sleepy Hollow at some point in their lives.  One can’t argue that there is a dearth of photos on this particular subject.  I guess I’m no exception to the rule because I have quite a few photos of the Lighthouse Landing from various perspectives at different times of the day.   Since it is so overdone,  I did make an attempt to come up with a unique perspective on it.   In my latest effort I shot many photos from many different angles.  The shot above stood out as unique.  I hadn’t seen anyone take that angle before.  I liked the composition.  However, initially, it was intended to be a color photograph.   However, the color version just left me flat.  The combination of the  cloud cover along with the metal railings and walkway just didn’t work in color.

However, thanks to the miracle of photoshop, I was able to convert it into a black and white photo.   Some photographs, for whatever reason, look better in black and white.  The difference here is that I generally know what I’m going to do with the photo in advance of processing it.  But in this case, I was so bent on color photo that it took me quite a while to see the potential in black an white.  That raised an interesting question:  Howe often have I missed out on a better photograph because I was  mired in a mind-set?   Its an interesting question, and one which makes me wonder whether  I should look back at some of photographic “rejects” and even some of my successes and reconsider color vs. black and white?

Anyway, I’m posting the color version below for comparison.  Its interesting to see how different  the same photo can appear when it is converted from color to black and white or vice-versa.

Lighthouse Landing - Sleepy Hollow NY

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