The GW Bridge – A Washington Heights landmark…

In keeping with my Hudson River theme, I decided to seek out photographic opportunities from Manhattan.

Taking this photo was like taking a walk back in time for me.    Back in the day when I was working as a molecular biologist, I did a 4-year stint at Presbyterian Hospital.  This was in the Dark Ages of the 1990’s when Washington Heights was considered a very sketchy neighborhood.  Actually, sketchy would have been a kind definition.  At the time NYC rated 2nd for the highest number of murders in the nation and Washington Heights was the murder capital of NYC.   Although I was never the victim of violence during my time there, I can’t remember how many times my car was broken into.  All I can say was that it was a lot. Suffice it to say, I kept my local body shop in business replacing broken glass.

Times have happily changed.  Washington Heights is a different place and I found myself out on Riverside Drive around 145th street or so trying to capture this image of the GW at dusk.  Families were out and about walking around and enjoying the balmy evening.  A couple of interested kids were asking me about my camera and how it worked.  Parents were completely unperturbed about their children walking up to a stranger and asking them about their camera.  Although as a very middle aged women, I doubt that I look at all menacing, it suggests that very major change has taken place. 

The photo itself was taken at a point on Riverside Drive where the West Side Highway  as well as the Hudson River is clearly exposed below.   I was trying to capture the dynamic nature of the city with the active traffic and the bridge in the background.  The best time for that is during dusk where the sky hasn’t turned too black but they light trails of the passing cars are clearly visible.   I had scouted out the spot a few weeks earlier, but the daytime photos failed to have the same impact.

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