Vivid Sunset on the Hudson River – Sleep Hollow NY

Lately I’ve been taking a lot of photos along the Hudson River.  The sheer concentration on the Hudson River was due in part to a client who had some very specific requests with the Hudson River as the subject.  And although I have taken many photos along the river and around the river towns, this focussed effort drew my attention to  something I had always known:  No two photos of the Hudson River are ever really quite the same.   They can be in the same location at the same time of day and still be quite different.  The distinctive cloud formations, the sunsets that range from the brightest yellows and purples to the palest pinks create  that unique “Hudson Valley sky” seems to produce endless variations.  If you miss the moment, you won’t be able to reproduce it because no two days are the same.

The sunset above was taken  from Kingsland Point Park when I was trying to capture something completely different.  The sky and weather conditions did not cooperate at all with my original plans that involved a pre-sunset shoot of the LIghthouse.  But I did mange to capture a vivid sunset.  At first I thought this was a “consolation prize”  but this photo took on a life of its own.  The colors were so vivid that they almost looked surreal, so I decided to exaggerate the vivid and emphasize the shadow of the trees.

Kingsland Point Park is located along part of the River Walk right near Lighthouse Landing.   The views are really worth  exploring.  Often you can see tug boats shepherding barges along the water.  On that particular afternoon/evening my pal Jade (Siberian Husky)  and I managed to enjoy a walk along the water together. After which I paused for about 90 minutes to photograph the changing sky. This photo was shot just as I was leaving around dusk.  And yes, Jade is a very patient photography assistant.

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