The GW bridge turns blue for autism awareness day…

GW Bridge lit up in blue for Autism awarenessApril 2, was Autism awareness day.  Disorders in the Autism spectrum are on the rise.  As a former researcher, Autism and its spectrum of disorders has always held something of a special place in my mind and heart.  Although progress is being made, like most complex disorders with a wide spectrum  of symptoms, there are probably multiple causes, some of it genetic, some of it environmental all at play.    As much as we need awareness, we need research dollars.   Research  like this can not be left to the private sector as the the road will lead down a dozen blind alleys.  As is the case with most complex disorders, there is probably no one “cause”.  Let us turn our attention to the reckless budget cutting that is going on in Washington and realize that this is making the pathway that much harder to get at the answers and possible solutions.

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