Cardinal caught on camera…..

Cardinal at Rockefeller Preserve - Tarrytown NYThis is probably one of the last gasps of my winter photo collection.  I took it after it was “officially” spring, but it was cold like winter and we were expecting snow.

We have been seeing a lot of Cardinals lately on TV. Of course those Cardinals are actually humans and they were flocking to Rome for the election of the new Pope.   But this is Cardinal of the avian kind…But a few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Rockefeller Preserve with Jade and Tundra and found myself fascinated by this little fellow by the  bird feeder.   He was hopping around flying back and forth from the trees behind the feeder, waiting patiently until the crows got their fill.  But he was persistent – returning when they left to feed.  Handsome isn’t he?

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