Happy New Year!! From Downtown White Plains NY

White Plains NY New Years FireworksOver the past several years, White Plains NY has created a new New Years Eve tradition.  Dubbed “mini-me” Manhattan during the building boom  (aka real estate bubble) of the early 200o’s, the city started its own version of the Times Square ball drop followed by fireworks.  I rather enjoy the event although I firmly believe that White Plains needs to stop pretending to be NYC.  There is only ONE Times Square and we need to create our own unique tradition.  Also,  fair warning for those who enjoy a quiet New Years Eve by the fire – this is not that type of gig.  There is a tremendous party atmosphere.  Personally, I’m more of a “by the fire” type myself, but I really do like fireworks displays too….


My intention was to try and capture the fireworks – so I was headed to a vantage point away from the crowds on top of a parking lot.  From there – my camera was aimed between the the two 42 story  towers of the Ritz Carlton.  I’ve tried to capture this display before with varying success and failure.   This appeared to be the best vantage point without having the camera setup jostled.  I also didn’t want to interfere with foot traffic by blocking sidewalks with my tripod.  So I was walking the streets only briefly , but while there  I was amazed at the crowds all walking to the festivities.

This fireworks display is different from what we generally see on the 4th of July. The pyrogenics  are more explosive  and smoky – making them difficult to capture by camera.  The photo above also shows that the powers that be had the disadvantage of rather blustery winds.  True to the boisterous nature of the event – the first song out of the gate following the fireworks display was “Gangham Style”.

Enjoy the slideshow below.  Yes, the music is a bit more “Christmas” and less “New Years” but I was trying to find public stock and couldn’t find an appropriate version of “Auld Lang Syne” that was “legal”.   I wish you all a happy and healthy 2013!

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