The last full moon? According to the Mayan calendar… could be…

Full moon, mayan calendarAccording to the Mayan calendar the world will be coming to an end on Dec. 21st….so this is the last full moon that we will ever see.  I don’t know much about ancient myths, but I do know a great excuse to go out to photograph something when I see it!  So I celebrated by taking several pictures….and am offering three photos  to give you a choice:  black and white, and two different color exposures.   Just an FYI to moon-lovers who would like to take better photos of the moon…Shooting the moon specifically is something I haven’t really tried to do very often, so I keep forgetting how bright it really is. Its very easy to overexpose the shot.      To get these shots I turned the ISO down to 200 (it is generally higher for night shooting) and sped up the shutter speed.  So if you have had trouble “shooting the moon” you may be over-exposing the shot.

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