Twilight Photography – Another way to make the home you are selling “pop”!

Hudson Harbor Carriage House - Tarrytown NYPreviously I have written about the impact of great  photography on the sale of your home.  These days the Hudson-Gateway MLS allows up to 30 photographs and with social media and ancillary web sites everywhere, buyers  are drinking in photos by the thousands and are still hungry for even more.   It is an itch that home sellers must be able to scratch or their home will be overlooked.  According to one study, professional photographs of your property can result in a final sales price increase from between $934 – $116,000.

One way for a home to really stand out from the crowd is to take exterior photos at dusk.   Seeing a beautifully lit home just before twilight certainly can make a listing “pop” provided it is done the right way.   The above photo was taken from the America Dream Home in Tarrytown NY.  It is part of the Hudson Harbor Development that is being promoted by Westchester Magazine.  Below is a short video  of several shots that I took of the home as sunset settled into dusk and night.

The timing here is critical. The window can be less than an hour depending on the time of year –  as is the lighting.  Great lighting makes me look great and certainly the lighting job on this home was top-of-the-line.

For home sellers and agents a like, this is a great way to promote your home.   If you are interested, please feel free to contact me for more information about this service.

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