Shades of Rosemary’s Baby…Riverside Park NY

Gothic Building - Riverside Drive NYC - Riverside ParkBOO!!! Halloween is coming and the holiday crossed my mind when I was walking in Riverside Park in NYC with a friend about a week ago.  It was near dusk but I had my camera and tripod.  The weather can only be described as dank and dark  – maybe a bit spooky if you were inclined towards that mood.  Suddenly this building appeared from the mist and seemed to tower ominously over us in park.  It reminded me of the building in the ’60s horror classic Rosemary’s Baby.  I decided to take a photo and this was the result using middle of the road strength HDR.

Rosemary’s Baby was a horror flick from the 1960’s – the building used as the model was the Dakota on the Upper West Side but that building overlooks Central Park not the Riverside Park and the Hudson River.  Sorry to say I don’t know anything about this particular building.  Although I’m sure there is nothing truly ominous about it in real life.  Meanwhile, use your imaginations…For those who are interested, Rosemary’s Baby is a great film for Halloween.  Meanwhile, I think I will try to take some photos of ominous looking buildings for the next couple of weeks…might be an interesting theme for the season.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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