Reclaiming the Riverfront- Former industrial sites go upscale – Irvington NY

Chutney Masala - Irvington NYLocal color is always interesting.  Having lived in one place for most of one’s life, you ge to see the changes that take place over time.  When I was little, the Hudson River belonged to industry.  Industry dominated the riverfront.  Most famously in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow you had the GM plant.  Irvington was no different.  The waterfront was dominated by smokestack. Fine dining and high-end retail were not something anyone would look for in those locations. My have times changed.   There is Hudson Harbor in Tarrytown, Ichabod’s Landing in Sleepy Hollow and fine dining such as The Red Hat and Chutney Masala in Irvington.  I snapped this a couple of weeks ago.  The industrial origins of the building are apparent. It stands alone in the middle of a parking lot, with the outdoor space giving away the more gentrified function of the space today.

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