Rolling Storm Clouds on the Hudson River – Irvington NY

Sailboat on the Hudson River - Irvington NYIf you live in the north-east and you take photos – you learn to work with high cloud cover and make it work for you.   Westchester NY is no different particularly if you are photographing something on the Hudson River or the Long Island Sound. This time I used HDR-lite  and allowed myself a bit of poetic license with the color.  The clouds were a deep color, but perhaps a tad less vivid in real life. This was the case last weekend when I was taking photos on the Hudson River.  I admit I was tempting fate by playing a game of “chicken” with an on coming storm.  Oh – and I made it back under cover before the storm hit.  Don’t know about the people in the boat though…. However the water was quite calm unlike the heavier storms a week earlier.


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