Architectural Detail – Westchester NY has a lot to offer if you just look up….

Tarrytown NY - VanderbiltTruth be told, I am a fan of older architecture.  Whether it be a private house, or a building in a village or in the downtown area of a city, nothing modern can truly compare with the grace and detail of something built before World War II.  In those days they used real plaster, real brick, and the detail in the molding and finishes dwarfs anything you see today.   I took this shot on a stormy day  using a zoom lens to reveal the detail hidden from the casual passer-by.  HDR enhances the details….

The Vanderbilts were a famous family with roots in Rhode Island. Cornelius Vanderbilt was a railroad mogul from the robber baron era of the 19th century. He established the family fortune.  Currently, the family member with the highest public profile would be Anderson Cooper, the son of Gloria Vanderbilt.   How the family name came to be on this building is unknown to me…but now I’m curious and would like to find out.

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