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Upper West Side - Manhattan - NYC New YorkHaven’t been posting as much lately because I have been very busy.  I still keep taking photos – but the issue is really more a matter of getting things processed and posted on the web.   The weekend before last I was helping a friend move from her upper east side apartment to the her new digs in the upper west side.  In so doing, we made good use of my Honda Element taking things back and forth and loading the car with new goodies to decorate the new abode.

I took a few photos – mostly from the vantage point of my car – its difficult to carry a camera when you are carrying boxes and moving furnishings – so that was my only opportunity.  What can I tell you, its just awkward.  I could just see myself dropping the bags of new purchases on the ground to get the perfect shot.  So the only opportunity was while sitting at red lights. As a result, most of my efforts were flops.  However, during  one such spate I took the following shot.  Not bad. I processed using HDR in both color and black & white…I like the color because the light was just right – so it is pictured above…

Granted there is only one Manhattan.  It has more to offer than most any other place in the world.  One thing I emphasize as a real estate agent is that NYC is not at all far from lower Westchester.  In truth I made the trip down to the west 70’s in about 40 minutes.  Back in my days as a scientist and lab manager, I  commuted by car to the upper west side (Washington Heights) to a job I held at NY Presbyterian for 4 years in the 1990s.  It was about a 35 minute commute door-to-door including parking.  I’m just sayin’…if you love the city but can’t afford to live there or want more space than you can afford in Manhattan – Westchester is NOT the moon.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Manhattan, but face it –  it is wicked expensive. I know die-hard Manhattanites groan at the very thought.  But for the price of a 750 sf coop you can buy 1200 sf condo in White Plains and still be in midtown within about 30 minutes.  Or you can save money and buy the same 750 sf coop for a fraction of the price.  That coop is about $500k on the upper west side.  In White Plains – about $175,000.  I like to think of  many lower Westchester locations as the borough in the burbs….

Upper West Side - NYC - New York

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