Tarrytown NY before the storm….

Tarrytown NY, Tarrytown pictures, Stormy weatherOne of the functions of a Westchester photographer is to provide snapshots about our area at a given point in time.  What were the conditions in 2012?  What was the weather like?  What did the sky look like as carbon emissions warm the planet?  Thanks to climate change, New York (and Westchester) is getting weather systems with alarming regularity that it used to see once a decade.  Tornados?  There were a couple when I was a child – my late mother said that they NEVER happened until the 1970s – but my memory doesn’t stretch back further than that, so we will have to her word for it!  Now??? Tornado watches, warnings and real tornados are part of our weather pattern.

Last week we had a storm – there were tornado watches out.  This was no idle warning because  two – not just one – but  two tornados touched down in the NY metropolitan area.  One in Queens and one in Brooklyn.  God help us if one touches down in the middle of Manhattan skyscrapers!!

Me – I was out with a real estate buyer client and then on a photo shoot  for a fellow agent.  I was minding my own business oblivious to the tornado watches and having a great time…. It was about 5 PM and I decided to do some shopping on my way home to White Plains.  I stopped off in Tarrytown and bought some coffee at Coffee Labs, some dog food at Bark & Meow.  I also decided to pick up dinner at Lefteris.  I also decided to take some pictures.   It had been cloudy all day – but these ominous clouds started to literally roll in.  I took several pictures of the event.  the primary photo (above) is in black and white – I seem to be doing some of that lately and the below is the color version of the same photo.  This was just before it started to literally pour.  I made it to my car, but not home before the storm hit.  I have to say – it LOOKED like a tornado trying to form.

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