The Sun Sets on the Boys of Summer…

Sleepy Hollow NY - Summer SunsetIt’s been a week since the beginning of the Labor Day weekend and most of us are back to our old routines.  Although traditionally we celebrate New Year’s in January, September seems to be a point of demarkation and renewal for most of us.  The summer is over, if you are a student, you are back in school.  Many people that I know think that this is the time to clean house, make resolutions and begin anew.  Sometimes its an opportunity for a do-over on the New Years resolutions we broke months ago!  However you look at it, the unofficial end of summer has come and gone.

Nevertheless,  I will spend the next couple of weeks posting photos of the summer just past.  Maybe its because I  can’t quite let go – or perhaps its because the fall foliage is just not out yet.   In any case though we mourn that the boys of summer are gone  – we embrace the new beginnings of fall.

The above photo was taken in late June when the summer was just starting.  The photo was done in HDR-lite.

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