Westchester Real Estate Photography….the art of making buyers want to see more…

Home in Larchmont NYWhy have a professional take real estate photos?  After all, for years agents got away with simply snapping a polaroid photo and putting it into a book was all they needed to do.  I entered the real estate business in 2005 – when we were well passed the polaroid photo stage.  Homes were already on the interent and the MLS was rapidly expanding the number the photos allowed.  The writing was on the wall that the days of snapping  sub-par token photos of real estate listings were OVER.  Yet agents continue to take photos with their iPhones, or pocket cameras and shut their eyes to the  dismal results hoping that in the end, it really won’t matter… will it?

Well YES it DOES matter.  It matters a lot.  I’ve worked with both buyers and sellers.  When I work with buyers I am often amazed at how sensitive they are to the online photography.  Homes with poor photos are often rejected out of hand.  The home may be lovely on the inside, but the buyer will never find out about that because they often refuse to consider or even see that home.

How much is it worth to the seller – according to Redfin and the Wall Street Journal, between $934 and $116,076.   That’s not chump change.  The numbers were calculated  by measuring the difference between list and final sales price for homes where the photos were taken with a simple point and shoot vs. full digital SLR.

When I take photos of a home I make very sure that the photography  does one important thing – that it shows the home in its best possible light.  The truth is that a beautifully turned out home  with great photos makes buyers want to see MORE.  Now, that should not be confused with your agent bringing buyers themselves.  The truth is that  most SERIOUS buyers already have an agent.  What I want them to do is pick up the phone and ask their agent to make a showing appointment for them.  The more people who see a home, the more likely the seller is to get an offer. The more offers, the better the price.

The photo above was taken when I was simply walking a neighborhood taking random photos.  I decided to add a painted artistic filter in Photoshop, just for fun.  Tudor homes are known for their unique character and I think the filter helped bring that to life.  I doubt I’d use such a filter on the MLS, but I was having fun. The point here is that the exterior shot is inviting.  It makes buyers want to pick up the phone and see more.  And at the end of the day – that means more money in the sellers pocket when the home closes.

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