Westchester Events – 3rd Fridays in Tarrytown NY…

Cotton Candy Fun - Tarrytown NY - 3rd FridayTarrytown 3rd Fridays have become a local event for all ages to enjoy.  Even if all you want to do is people watch, check out the vendors and grab a bite to eat.   Its terrific for families to have a night out together and just have some plain old-fashioned fun.   The kids really seem to go all out having a great time.  There is always music and food. And you can see a couple of the youngsters really steppin’ to the music for all it was worth.

OK, I’ll confess, when I started taking photos I was only doing homes that I was only doing houses and neighborhoods.  So my “people skills” with photography are something of a work in progress.  I love taking photos of people, but I just haven’t done that much of it.  Of course you never get better at anything by being afraid to try!


Tarrytown NY - 3rd Friday Fun


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