Living in Westchester NY – The borough in the burbs

NYC Skyline from Irvington NYIn truth, I can not claim credit for that turn of phrase “the borough in the burbs.”  My father coined it explaining why he chose to live in Larchmont NY for 27 years rather than in Manhattan itself.  He would say – “you really can’t beat Larchmont (insert any town/village with easy access to Metro-North) for easy access to Manhattan.  Heck, there are parts of Manhattan where the commute is longer to my office than what I have here in Larchmont. Also, its far less expensive and I have peace and quiet at night.”  He was of course, correct.  My Dad loved the city, but enjoyed quiet and found the commute almost relaxing.

If you live in Westchester NY,  the NYC commute is a key factor to home values in your neighborhood.   As someone who sells real estate in Westchester NY, I can assure everyone that the old saw the real estate values are determined by three factors “location, location, location” is very true.  Towns with easy access to Metro-North have fared much better than municipalities with no such service.  The ease of commute has been a key factor in the resilient real estate values that our county boasts.  Just across the Tappan Zee Bridge, where access to NYC is far more time consuming and complex-prices remain depressed.  Areas up-county of lower Westchester tend to have more issues, particularly if there is no train.

Over the course of time, I have had many buyers from Manhattan come my way. Many needed to be reassured that Westchester wasn’t the moon and that access to their beloved Manhattan was indeed just a short train ride away.  This photo should help…It was taken from Irvington NY a rivertown with about a 30 minute commute to midtown.  Manhattan is right around the corner.  You can even take a photo of the skyline.


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