Harbor Island Park Mamaroneck NY – Looking south at sunset…

Harbor Island Park Sunset - Mamaroneck NYGenerally when I’m looking to get  a great sunset on the water, the Hudson river is THE place to be if you are in Westchester.   After all, it faces west and the  colors reflect vividly on the water.  But on the eastern portion of the county we have the Sound Shore area along the Long Island Sound.  These sunsets tend to be of the more mellow variety.  So when I was walking along the edge of the water at Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck NY, I  was surprised at what I was seeing.  Looking directly south, the sunset was to my right while dusk was to my left.   The line met in the middle and it created quite a show.    The light was only this vivid for less than 10 minutes, I was lucky enough to catch a shot during that small window.

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