Downtown White Plains NY – the city in the park

Downtown White Plains NY -Flowers Dry BrushThe business district of downtown White Plains NY is a bustling place that is host to over 250,000 commuters daily.  The city also has its share of fine dining, shopping and entertainment for those who wish to play, relax and enjoy the amenities after work.   Throughout the entire course of the downtown redevelopment that has been ongoing for the past 20 years or so, the White Plains Beautification Foundation has stepped in to make sure that White Plains lived up to its moniker – “the city in the park”.   The plantings in unlikely places such as road triangles and road medians provides a splash of color and soften the city scape hardness in a very urban environment.  Public plantings like this also help area property values.  As  a real estate agent I see the consequences all the time.  In urban landscapes most people live in condos, coops or rental buildings.  They depend on their surrounding public areas to help create and sustain curb appeal.  Downtown areas that have a healthy dose of public plantings and “curb appeal” sell better than the relentless concrete, glass and steel that can be seen in other locations.

I took this photo several years ago in downtown White Plains in the heart of the business district near the County and Federal Courthouse.

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