Promotion, Postcards and Flyers…Oh My…

Property Flyer - BOTH SidesThese days almost everything is on the web.  Yet sometimes having something that is actually (gasp!) in print – is a good idea.  Recently, a couple of agents asked me to “stretch my range” to include printed images.

In truth, my hesitation had initially been mostly due to the fact that I do have to use a third party for printing. Being the control freak that I am, the idea troubled me, but there are reliable printers that I can “outsource” while I create the layout and style.

Since I had two requests of this nature so close together, I decided to play with some formatting and unique styles. I had gathered some interesting frames while taking some advanced classes in photoshop and decided to incorporate that style into some experimental designs.  The goal is to have several styles that agents can choose from and get away from that “cookie-cutter agent flyer look.

My thinking for both flyers and postcards is that less is more.  Its so easy to get carried away trying to show “everything”.   I think that this is probably pre-internet thinking in an web2.0  world.   We don’t need to cram dozens of images into a two-sided sheet or card.  We need to leave a couple of memorable images and a domain name that coaxes those interested to view the entire photo portfolio and video offerings online.  A couple of great images , a simple message and a link is probably far more compelling for todays buyers who are awash with almost too much information.

Want to seamlessly combine the best of the online with the best of print?  Buying a unique domain name and creating a webpage for each listings costs relatively little.  That domain name can be added to the flyer or post card,  prompting buyers and home owners to go to your web page (not ZTR).  This creates an elegant  integration between print and online materials.

The above image is part of that experiment and I should have a nice collection of options soon.

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