Rye Playland – more than mere amusement…

Every once in a while its fun to relive one’s childhood – at least the fun parts…Rye Playland is the perfect place to relive some of my fondest childhood memories.  Whether it be my first tentative steps on ice skates in the winter or all the wonderful rides that the summer season has to offer – Rye Playland is an amazing place for children of all ages .   That includes “adult” children…

But Playland is not your typical amusement park.  Playland of Rye New York is a Westchester landmark.  Built in 1928 the entire design was in the Art Deco style.  The original design included the boardwalk and ice-skating rinks along with many rides and attractions.  The park was declared a national historic landmark in 1987.

Although I have another photo of a the children’s carousel up, I took this picture to show the real “Art Deco” character that defines the entire park.  Its a distinctive style fro a bygone era that is very compelling.   It was a bright sunny day – and Playland is bright and colorful – so I just went with the flow using HDR to accentuate the positive.

For a bit more on the history of Playland – see my blog post on Playland in The Westchester View.

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