Taking Flight – A blue heron at the Rockefeller Preserve…

Great Blue Heron - Rockefeller Preserve, Sleepy Hollow NYSometimes you just get lucky.  The trip I made to  the Rockefeller Preserve about a week ago was my first in quite a long time.  Those of you who know me know that I have had a rough time with an ongoing ankle problem.  This has been rough because I love nothing better than taking a long walk on the Westchester trails to clear my mind and restore my soul.  But maybe it was worth the wait because this time I got very lucky.

I didn’t have far to go to find “subjects” for my lens.  The birds and ducks were out in force busily preparing for colder days to come!  One of the birds that really caught my eye was a great blue heron. I have seen herons at the Preserve in the past, but never a blue heron.  He was fishing in a shallow portion of Swan Lake when I first spied him. (I’m assuming it was a “he” because of his size.)  This particular bird was not the least bit happy about my interference and because I’m wearing light cast, my movements startled him and he took off in flight.

Granted this isn’t the best photo of a bird taking off, but I got the best shot I could given the circumstances.  This bird is so graceful in its lift-off and so elegant, that I don’t even mind the fact that the photo is not tac-sharp.

Later, we made peace with each other and he “tolerated” my lens.  I basically chased this bird around the Rockefeller Preserve for about an hour, but it was well worth it. I even managed a couple of video clips of his hunting behavior. Next time, I think I should bring along a bag of fish!  Bribery might just work given how intently he was stalking his prey.
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