Happy Halloween!!! Photoshop fun with photos…

Tarrytown NY - Headless Horseman CentralSometimes its good to do something “just for fun”.

I was watching a photoshop class on CreativeLive.com by Khara Plicanic  its a great class  even if somewhat basic, I learned many new tricks  because it well outside the box for my mostly real estate/local business/landscape comfort zone.  For those who are not total Photoshop gurus but want to up their game, the course is well worth considering.

Anyway, Khara motivated me to try my hand at creating something “fun” for Halloween.  I was supposed to be in NYC for the evening but my host had come down with a bad cold and this handed me a Halloween night at home instead. Given that it was cold and rainy, doing my “art project” at home left me with that warm and cozy feel most of us remember from our childhood.  Instead of cutting out shapes on construction paper,  I did my cutting and pasting on Photoshop…along with a few tweaks and enhancements.  I’m no stranger to layers and masks on Photoshop, but up to now I had not really manipulated objects, turning them around, resizing them, flipping them and blending them into a larger landscape.

I only worked with 3 photos.  It started with the tree that I had shot at dusk one cold December night in 2013.  The moon was part of a bigger photo that I had taken a couple of years ago and the Ghosts were cut out from a photo I had purchased for other purposes on a microstock site.   I thought of adding bats around the moon, but decided to leave well enough done.

All in all, for a first attempt it wasn’t that bad…So thank you Khara for opening me up to new applications and improving the skills that I knew I had, but was not applying as well as I could!
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