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Listing Photo from Westchester NYSince this is my first photo of this nature and seems a big departure from what I have posted thus far, I will elaborate.  I’m a real estate agent working in lower Westchester  and a real estate photographer as well.   I got started in photography because I was horrified at what was passing as “acceptable” photography for real estate sales.   After all, homeowners are paying listing and buyers agents a pretty penny to sell their home.  With the interent pushing visual images on us day and night –  online marketing with good photography has become a “must have”.  If a seller’s listing stands out online, there will be more showing requests,  more showings means more qualified buyers and more buyers means more offers.

The day I got the photos back from my first listing from my managing broker  (who offered the service for free) was the day I went out and bought a digital camera.  The photos were terrible and I couldn’t justify what we were charging and square it with such shoddy marketing.  It was the norm for its day, but not acceptable to me.   Even with the simple point-and-shoot that I purchased, I was able to do far better than what I received from my brokerage.  With each closing I put camera equipment and photo-editing software on the top of my list for essential “tech” equipment.  So I graduated to digital SLR with a small collection of lenses including a strong ($$$)  wide angle lens.  The investment was worth every penny I spent.   As the housing market weakened, consumers and agents started to request my services for their listings, and a small business was born.  I still sell real estate.  But I happily work with my friendly competition to make sure that their listings shine.

To this day I continue to see absolutely dreadful real estate photography online and wonder how sellers allow their homes to be marketed so poorly.  I am baffled by this.   Good photos are not optional – they are perhaps the most essential component of a strong listing. The Hudson-Gateway MLS currently allows 30 photographs and a link for a slide show or virtual tour.  Fill those spaces up!  With photos of the home and the neighborhood!!

The photo at the top of the page is of a former condo listing in a fairly urban location.  The building is modern and the layout is open.  The picture above lets buyers get a feel for the open floor plan without being overwhelming fussy.  the sellers in this case were excellent about keeping their home tidy and show ready, which made my job all the easier.  But not that care was taken to make sure the bulk of the room was in the photo, the angle was flattering and revealing at the same time, and the lighting showed the entire room. There were no dark shadows causing buyers to play a “guessing game” as to what lay behind the shadows. Modern kitchen - listing photo from Westchester NY

The photo immediately above  focusses on the kitchen area which allows buyers to observe more detail.  Several such photos were included to show how this large space can work as a “home”.  This allows buyers to “mentally move in” and contemplate how they would put their stamp on the space.

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