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Hudson Views - Scarborough NYI always find it interesting that often when I am trying to take a photo, others are also piling on board.  What I find compelling is that I am capturing a moment where someone else is capturing their own special moment…Of course it makes sense.  If you see something like the pretty sunset above, people are going to be pulling out their phone cameras…no matter what they are doing.  The man taking the photo was actually fishing in the Hudson, but paused to enjoy the site and then pulled out a phone camera and snapped a few photos.

In many cases the image of someone holding up a smart-phone to a sunset is emblematic for  our time.  It seems so natural now, but we forget about how new this all is.  Just a few short years ago, cell phones didn’t have camera phones – or at least one that could shoot a decent picture.  A few years before that, we didn’t all have cell phones.  Although I can’t imagine my life without a smart phone now,  I have to realize that I have lived more of my life without a cell phone at all.

I had my bulky DSLR, which helps in low light photography. But it looked so bulky and awkward next to that simple iPhone.  Maybe I would have room for fishing gear if I hadn’t brought the big camera.

This was taken at Scarborough train station on a quiet Friday night. The small park just west of the tracks  provided beautiful views of the setting sun.
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