Even small home listings can benefit from professional photography…

Small Home in Putnam NYNothing to see here right?  Its just a small house, nothing fancy or impressive.  Just move right along…

Many agents think that way.  But there are some who just go that extra mile for their clients and recognize a home that can benefit from an extra push from pro-photography.  When I arrived at this property to do this photo-shoot in Patterson NY,  I was concerned that I might not have the correct address.  Most of the listings I’m asked to shoot are a great deal larger than the home that I was now studying.  It was a really small (though charming) home.  Few brokers were going to be willing to foot the bill for a full photo-shoot on a home of this price and size.   But the address was correct and the house had some really lovely features which professional photography could highlight.  The agent was very wise in realizing that this home had something truly unique to offer.  At the end of the day, the photos were very much worth the expense.

Below is the video slide-show that I prepared for the listing.  Brevity was the order of the day.  As with large homes, the goal is not to provide an exhaustive pictorial catalog of the rooms in the home.  A series of stills accomplish that far better than a video.  Besides, thanks to social media,  attention spans are shorter than ever.  For those reasons I created a video that  is short and sweet to capture the mood and style of the home as well as the surrounding area.


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