The Tappen Zee Bridge at Dusk

The Tappan Zee Bridge has been a landmark in lower Westchester since before I was I born.  But now at the venerable age of 50+ it has exceeded its life expectancy .  Growing up in Westchester during the 70s, I truly never expected in my wildest dreams that this bridge would host so much commuter traffic daily.   So I a can’t imagine what the original designers would be thinking since they drew their plans in the 950s.  When the bridge was built, Westchester was still very much the sleepy bedroom community.  Given the orignal intent, the bridge has served us well, but plans are being finalized for a new bridge.  So I will take as many photos of this stately giant as I can because they may become collectors items! And besides – it is a beautiful structure.

This photo was taken just after dusk in May 2012 from the Tarrytown River Walk.  I was quite near the marina as I recall.  Although I took pictures across the river walk that night – watching sunset turn to dusk and then night. So this is really part of a series.  I used a long shutter speed – nothing like stating the obvious.  I think it was 2 seconds.

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