Time-Lapse Photography – The sun sets on the Tappan Zee Bridge…

Sunset on the Tappan Zee Bridge - Hudson River

As the new bridge connecting Westchester to Rockland county emerges from under the Hudson, we know that the current skyline that we enjoy now will soon become a memory.  So let’s take another look at the current view before it passes into history.

Another reason for picking this venue is that the transition from day into night is one of the most compelling ways to use time-lapse photography.  As the sun goes down and we respond by cranking up our electrical grid, the transformation is quite dramatic.

There are also commercial uses for this sort of thing which is why I am posting it under real estate photography and commercial photography.  Home sellers can add dimension to their listing by showing how their home (not house) makes the transition from day to night on a web page. This is also an attractive option for certain businesses.

Tappan Zee Bridge – Sunset To Night from Fotos On The Fly on Vimeo.

For those who are curious about the technical, I ran the time lapse for nearly two hours, releasing the shutter ever 10 seconds.  The camera was placed on aperture priority mode so that the shutter speed would automatically get longer as it got darker outside.  The intervalometer was set for a 5s  interval with a 5s allowed for  shutter release.   I adjusted the ISO from 400 – 1000 as it got darker outside.  The shutter speed varied from 1/40 sec to 4 sec over the course of the cycle. The replay is set for 25 frames/sec.

Of course, I must praise my assistant “Jade”.  For those who don’t know,  Jade is one of my Siberian huskies and she has the patience and grace to put up with a prolonged photo-shoot.  Not only does she assist with camera angles and tripods, but she is a social network unto herself.  Passersby – both human and canine enjoyed her easy and open manner while I waited for the time-lapse to complete its cycle.  It was nice to have some company and I met quite a few people thanks to her presence. Proof positive that  Jade is a lot more interesting than I am!

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