Time-Lapse Photography – A great way to brand yourself, your business or your neighborhood…

Tappan Zee Bridge  Tarrytown NY 10591The above is my first real attempt at time-lapse photography.  Obviously not my best work and it barely scratches the surface of what can actually be done, but now that I know the basics, more artistic renderings will follow.

Technically, the process involved mounting the camera on a tripod so it remains stock still, linking the camera to intervolometer which programs the triggering of the shutter at regular intervals, editing the photos as a batch (there were almost 550 photos in this 19 second set – so that’s one very LARGE batch processing project) and assembling them into a video.  Sounds simple, but it is time-consuming and not as straightforward as basic editing.

Here is the result:

For quite some time I have wanted to add time-lapse photography to my “bag of tricks” for clients.  It really is kind of a basic thing to offer, but starting out as a still photographer, making the leap to video and time-lapse has taken some doing and some time.  More time than I wanted it to…

So what can be done with time lapse photography for the commercial or real estate client?  The answer is, a  great deal.

1.  For high-end listings, showing the house going from afternoon sun to dusk with all the lights turned on can be quite effective.

2. For agents trying to promote an area, having some time-lapse videos on their site of specific locations can be a tremendous plus.  It can give the feel of a neighborhood or town over time in a way that video and stills can not.

3. For businesses, you can show in quick-time just what goes into what you do.  For example, for a landscaper, time-lapse can show a garden being planted or the transition of a “day” garden into an “evening” garden.  For a florest, it could show the process of creating arrangements.  For  restaurant, it could show the process of preparing a meal.

The list could go on and on…But I’ll be back out there trying this again soon.

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