Walking the RiverWalk in Tarrytown NY…

Relaxing waterfront - smallI’m no youngster and as many  know, I’m Westchester NY born and bred.  One of the most wonderful revivals seen in my lifetime is that of the Hudson River.  I can remember a time when most of the Hudson riverfront was an industrial wasteland.  The …ahem…water seemed something closer to gray sludge and NO ONE would ever consider fishing in the Hudson.  (Though quite frankly, I don’t think anyone should be eating what they bring up even now).  It was a polluted dank mess.

Now its a completely different story. Although we have a long way to go to eradicate all of  what we’ve done,  the riverfront has been given back to the people and they people are saying that the love it.  Every time I find myself shooting at a riverfront park, there are people…People everywhere.  Walking, running, biking, watching the clouds and ships go by.   You name it.  All ages, sizes, shapes.  Last night, the people I saw ran the gamut of 8-80.  I saw an elderly man walking gingerly with a cane, I saw young teenagers and 20-somethings enjoying a simple walk.  I saw young children with their parents running and playing.  I was multitasking – taking some photos while walking my dog Jade (who always has admirers).  There were other dog-walkers out for an evening stroll as well and Jade made a couple of new friends.  The river seems to be attracting a true community feel where all ages enjoy and respect each other. The three young people depicted above, were simply enjoying the view and the sun as it started to set.

Sometimes, I think our country is on a one-way decline. But when I see what can be done with a little public commitment, I am encouraged. Not to wax too political, but this revival took a public commitment with public as well as private monies.  Looking to the future, we need to understand that it is the commitment to public works by our government as well as our people, that made our nation great.

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