My Westchester NY landscapes are popping up in different places…

Yonkers NY - Yonkers Waterfront - GW Bridge

Yonkers NY – Yonkers Waterfront – GW Bridge

Sometimes opportunities come to you.  It doesn’t happen that often in these difficult times particularly in the realm of photography where I am constantly being reminded that good photographers are a dime a dozen.  However,  recently, I’ve had a few inquiries from commercial sources wanting to use my local photographs in a couple of different venues and so I have to consider expanding my services.

Hampton Inn and Suites  will be using a couple of my prints from the Yonkers waterfront to decorate the hotel they are renovating in Yonkers.  I was also contacted by Hudson Financial Group who ended up purchasing an image from me for their website.

In the end, I am glad that local businesses are seeing the benefit of local photography.  With so much emphasis on the online experience and the fading of “local color” from our landscape as a society, its a positive thing for communities overall to retain some of their uniqueness.  The reason I tend to sell a local landscape or two when I do a show is that I think people are hungry for art that reflects the world in which they live their lives.

The photo above is one of two that will be displayed by Hampton Inn and Suites.  I converted the original color to a black and white and  gave it a more “photographic” appearance as the original was a fairly strong HDR version.  It actually has an entirely new appearance after that conversion.

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