An April Dusk – Downtown White Plains – 10601

Downtown White Plains NY - 10601As the bitter winter just past turns to spring, I have noticed the yearly changes in light. First of all, there is more of it.  The sun doesn’t go down before 6 PM and thanks to daylight savings, dusk is pushing towards 8 PM.  Truth be told – I love that!  Once spring arrives, the sunsets get longer and the light lingers in more of a golden glow which you can see reflected in the mirrored windows.  Its a great time of year to have fun with lowlight and twilight shooting.

This was taken in downtown White Plains on Saturday evening.  I was actually on my way to dinner.  Luckily, I live by the “have camera – will travel” rule and my DSLR was in the car with me.   I did not, however, have a tripod so I thought I was doomed.  However, this is a new camera box and I was able to increase the ISO to the point where I could take 3 exposures  hand-held.   I took a few more shots that I may put up over the next few days.  It was such a wonderful sunset and dusk that I just had to take advantage of what nature was handing me.
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