Summer will come again…Riverfront Green Park – Peekskill NY

Peekskill NY -Riverfront Green Park - Panorama1 - SMALLAnother day, another trip into the polar vortex.  At least we avoided the snow this time.  How cold is it?  Even my Siberian Huskies are not wanting to stay outside very long and this is supposed to be their kind of weather!  Jade and Tundra ran outside tonight, but they did their business quickly and wanted to come in remarkably fast.  Even snow dogs have their limits!

But being so tired of the cold and snow (which is no longer pretty)  I decided to look through my files to photos I hadn’t posted from last spring/summer.  So I found this “work in progress”. Two photos that I meant to stitch together way back when, but had just not gotten around to it.  The photos were originally taken  at the Riverfront Green Park in Peekskill on a warm balmy day last August.  In weather conditions that couldn’t have been more different than today.

So this panorama is for everyone who is tired of this never ending cold.  Spring will come again and after that, summer.  It happens every year in spite of how long the winter seems to be.  Let’s just hope its soon.

As for the panorama technique,  although I’ve done them before, I  have to admit that I haven’t done all that much with them in the past.  After playing around with the different options in photoshop, this is what I came up with.  Since this technique is really useful for real estate and commercial photography, I’m  going to feature more of these in the future.

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