Had this feeling I was being watched….Dogs are so observant…

The Family Dog - SMALLEveryone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for dogs.  Total dog person here.  Many of the my readers have been treated (subjected) to numerous photos of my Siberian Huskies.  Usually dogs really take to me no matter what.  However, most dogs do have a protective nature with respect to their home turf.  I’m keenly aware of this when I invade a home with all my equipment in tow and start disrupting the tranquil life that the family  – and the family dog – are accustomed to.   Dogs always seem to know when something is up and when things just aren’t as they should be.

A couple of weeks ago I had a very nice shoot in a home and I was maneuvering around moving small pieces of furniture here and there to optimize the shoot.  As I was breezing by, I had the strangest feeling that I was being carefully watched.  Not in an unfriendly way, but in a watchful, concerned and curious way.  I looked up and found the family dog staring at me through the bannister rails with deep interest.  Nothing hostile, just keeping an eye on progress making sure that everything I was doing was correct and proper.  After all, I was on HIS turf, moving HIS things and generally disrupting his peaceful life.

I got lucky and was able to snap a shot of him while he was checking me out.  He was totally unconcerned about the camera and flash.  But you could see the curiosity and intelligence in his eyes.  This is a really great dog!  Watchful but not intimidating, cautious but never hostile…and he really is handsome!

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