Real Estate Photos – Post-processing and the “fun house” look…

Living Room - Westchester - AfterWide angle lenses are the stock and trade of a real estate photographer.  They are necessary to capture an entire room and they go places no point-and-shoot can.  But one thing that happens when you put even a point-and-shoot on wide angle is a thing called barrel distortion. It creates that “fun house” look where the walls are not flush.  The walls bend outward, distorting the image and when you have a series of these images in a row, it can look very strange.

Before and after…

This sort of thing is fixed in photoshop during the editing or post-processing phase.  The after shot at the top was derived from the initial shot below.  This before and after photo was a good example of barrel distortion.  I was trying to take in the entire living room and had the angle set at about 14 mm.  That’s very wide, even for a crop-frame camera.  Sure enough, the minute I download the photo to my computer, the extent of the barrel distortion was as plain as day.  The image was underexposed as well and needed a bit more contrast.  But I still liked the composition and the other issues were very fixable.

Living Room in Westchester

Almost all professional photographers edit their photos…

Someone once asked me what percentage of my photos undergo post-processing.   I was kind of shocked at the question and answered truthfully “all of them”.  I think that it is a common misconception that 90% of the work is done once you have taken the shot.  In the analog days, your post-process lay with the development of the film. People would dodge and burn and tweak during development.  Today that is done using photoshop.  Either way, almost all  professional photos are edited in some way.  Its not cheating!  Its part of what makes the photos professional.

Let me do the editing for you…

If you are a real estate agent who likes to take your own photos, or who just doesn’t have the money in the budget for a full photo-shoot, consider outsourcing the editing to me.   It will save you a great deal of time that is better spent on real estate matters and it will help give your own photos the polish that all professionals give to their images.

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