Twilight Photography – Giving a home or business that extra pop….

County Center1 - Twilight SMALLTwilight photography is becoming increasingly popular with listing agents and small business owners.   Listing agents with higher end homes are particularly interested in giving such listings the extra “pop”  that only sunset or twilight shots can offer.

Sunrise/sunset vs twilight…

Photo shoots at dawn or sunset can also be compelling, but there are a few caveats.  First, the home has to be in the proper orientation to take advantage of sunsets or sunrises.   Second, sunsets/sunrises are particularly  fickle in nature.  Sometimes they are spectacular, others times, not so much.   The color palate can differ dramatically from day-to-day, so you are taking some chances with that type of shoot.  But the “blue” hour just before and during  is a remarkably consistent if quite short sliver of time in which photos have that special twilight “glow”.

The blue hour helps cure the winter landscaping blues…

Let’s face it, few homes have landscaping to die for in the winter.  Plantings tend to be dormant, lawns look blah and the trees are generally bare. A fresh coat of snow on the ground can help this situation, but barring a recent snow, exteriors are just not at their best during the cold months.  Twilight shots can divert attention away from the landscaping and focus them on the warm and cozy glow coming from  the home.  When snow is on the ground, the blue light intensifies and it really can set off the home.

What to expect for a twilight shoot…

  • The time frame will be narrow and will depend on the time of year.  The optimal time is always changing as the days shorten and lengthen.
  • The photographer will request that all lights in the home be switched on so that one can capture the warmth of the home.
  • As with all photo shoots, the photographer will request that the exterior be tidied up and free of objects that might distract the eye of the consumer.  No children’s toys in the yard etc.
  • The photographer will continue to shoot throughout the blue hour period until the sky becomes dark.  The light is rapidly changing at this time, so when I do such a shoot, I want to capture the changes as they happen.

Although this was geared to home photography, the same issues hold for commercial sites.

Below is a short video of some twilight shots that I have taken over the past year.  It gives a fairly wide variety of subject matter including some commercial, some single-family shots as well as buildings and condos.

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